Thuraya satellite phones and service in Italy

Where to get a Thuraya satellite phone in Italy?

Thuraya’s services in Italy are distributed by two service providers: Intermatica S.p.A. and Ansimon.

Intermatica is Thuraya’s national Service Provider and is also certified as the specialized supplier for Civil and Military Government sector, as well as SP for Maritime and DSL services. Thanks to the years of provision of Thuraya services in Italy, Thuraya acknowledges Intermatica as a SP maintaining the highest standard of diligence and promptness.

In addition, Thuraya’s service provider Ansimon has a licence to supply satellite services, distribute and market Thuraya’s mobile satellite services and products throughout Italy. This includes user terminals (such as the Thuraya SO-2510 and Thuraya SG-2520) and SIM cards as well as overseeing billing and customer care aspects.

For more information on Thuraya satellite phones in Italy, please contact:

Intermatica S.p.A.
Customer Care:
Tel :+39.06.8535.7261
Sat: +88216.50.300.400
Email : [email protected]
Skype: thuraya-intermatica
Head quarters:
Via G. Donizetti, 7
00198 Roma – ITALY
Tel. +39.06.8535.7474
Fax +39.06.8530.1068

For additional providers, check: