Thuraya satellite phones and service in Angola

Where to get a Thuraya satellite phone in Angola?

Thuraya’s service provider in Angola, IEC and its partner SISTEC have the rights to distribute and market Thuraya’s mobile satellite services and products throughout the country (check Thuraya coverage in Angola).

For more information on Thuraya satelltie phone services in Angola or on how to sign up for Thuraya services, contact:

7, Cite Paradis
75010 Paris – France
Tel: +33140170803
Fax: +33140170805
[email protected]

Sistec, S.A.R.L.
Avenida Che Guevara, 189/195
CP 3245 – Luanda – Angola
Tel: +244222325350
Fax: +244222325372
[email protected]

For additional providers, check: