Thuraya satellite phones and service in Algeria

Where to get a Thuraya satellite phone in Algeria?

Thuraya’s services in Algeria are distributed by three service providers:

  • Algerie Telecom Satellite
  • K Point Com
  • Vizada and WMCSAT

Algerie Telecom Satellite distributes Thuraya’s mobile satellite services including handsets and SIM cards in the country.

K Point Com which also is responsible for distributing and marketing Thuraya’s satellite products and services throughout the country as well as oversees billing and customer care aspects.

Thuraya’s third service provider in Algeria is Vizada, a leading independent provider of global satellite communications solutions, and its distributor WMCSAT. Vizada was nominated “2007 Best Service Provider” for the seventh year in a row and( out of a total of 120+ Thuraya service providers worldwide).

For more information on Thuraya in Algeria or on how to sign up for Thuraya services, contact:

Algerie Telecom Satellite
BP N° 468
Route Nationale N° 36
Ben Aknoun 16306 ALGER
Tel +21321712652/601940
Fax +21321713680/482444

K Point Com
409, Cooperative EL-BOROUDJ
IN ALLAH Dely Brahim Alger
Tel: +213 (0) 54 50 20 77
Tel/Fax: +213 (0) 21 91 75 05
email: [email protected]

France Telecom Algeria (WMCSAT)
Lotissement El Ferdaous Haouch Kaouch,
Villa N°B24, Dely Ibrahim, Algiers, Algeria
Tel: +213 21 91 05 58/ +213 7 70 510 510
Fax: +213 21 91 05 58 / +213 7 70 105515
Mob: +213 7 70 904904

Vizada SpA
Lotissement El Ferdaous
Habouch Kaouch, Villa N B24
Dely Ibrahim
16320 Algiers
Tel/FAX: +213 21 910 558
[email protected]

For additional providers, check: