Thuraya FDU-3500

The FDU-3500 is a docking unit for Thuraya’s SO-2510 and SG-2520 satellite phones. The Fixed Docking Unit (FDU) allows for their indoor usage which normally isn’t possible with an unequipped satellite phone.
Thuraya FDU-3500 docking unit

The FDU-3500 docking unit allows for:

–  Thuraya SO-2510 and Thuraya SG-2520 indoor usage
–  recharging phones while docked (without disruption of call/data transmition)
–  connecting to the Internet (GmPRS) with download speed of up to 60 Kb/s and upload up to 15 Kb/s
–  receiving/sending fax messages through an analog group 3 fax machine or PC fax (speed of 9.6 Kb/s)

–  receiving/sending data calls

Voice calls can be transmitted through an auxiliary handset, speaker phone or regular extension phone.

Standard package contains:

–  Thuraya FDU-3500
–  auxiliary handset
–  universal power supply
–  wall mounting adapter
–  standard handset battery
–  SAT antenna and 25m cable
–  GPS antenna and 25m cable
–  USB data cable and driver CD
–  RJ 11 cable
–  user guide

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