Satellite phone coverage comparison

Iridium coverage area: global

Iridium is currently the only network offering pole-to-pole global coverage. This means that you can use Iridium satellite phones nearly anywhere on the planet. (Due to US embargo issues, the service is not available in North Korea.)

Iridium global coverage

Iridium coverage map

Inmarsat coverage area: global (without polar regions)

The Inmarsat I4 satellite network offers global coverage excluding polar regions. The IsatPhone Pro handheld phone works in this network.

Inmarsat coverage

Inmarsat coverage map

Globalstar coverage area: America, Europe, Asia (partial), North Africa, Australia

Globalstar covers the Americas, Europe, Australia, parts of Asia and North Africa, as well as some ocean areas. Currently the availability of the serive is limited due to technical issues with the Globalstar satellite constellation – read more about Globalstar’s problems and Globalstar satellite phones.

Globalstar coverage area

Globalstar coverage map

Thuraya coverage area: Europe, Asia (partial), Australia, Africa (partial)

Thuraya is a local satellite phone service provider, with a growing coverage which currently includes around 30% of the globe. Thuraya covers Europe, Asia, Australia and parts of Africa, as well as some ocean areas.

Thuraya coverage

Thuraya coverage map

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