Iridium 9505a satellite phone

The Iridium 9505a is a second-generation Iridium handset. Just like other Iridium satellite phones, it can be used in every location on the planet, as at the moment Iridium is the only satellite network that covers the whole globe from pole to pole.

Iridium 9505aThe Iridium 9505a is quite light and small compared to previous generation Iridium satphones, though heavier than Thuraya’s or Globalstar’s second-generation handsets. As of late 2009 Iridium stopped marketing the Iridium 9505a and accessories for it, replacing the model with the 9555.

Its height (without the antenna) is about the height of a large beer can. The precise size is 158 x 62 x 59 mm which makes it 6.2 x 2.4 x 2.3 inches, while the weight is 375g (13.2 ounces).

The differences between the 9505a and the Iridium’s previous handset, the Motorola 9505, are minimal, and actually exist only between the equipment and the available accessories for both these phones. The phone itself is water, dust and shock resistant.

The phone is both smaller and lighter than the Motorola 9500.