Globalstar is a system of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, which offers satellite communication for users located in North, South and Central America, Europe, Central and North Asia, Australia, North Africa and the coastal waters of these territories. A coverage map can be seen below. Globalstar logo

Globalstar satellite phone service coverage area

Globalstar, as of early 2007, is experiencing problems with its satellite constellation. Customers using voice and duplex data services will experience difficulty connecting and sustaining longer calls at certain times in specific locations at least until 2009. Only simplex data services have been unaffected and are operating at a normal successful transmission rate. Globalstar has lately published an online optimum satellite availability tool, which helps locate time windows for making satellite phone calls, depending on the location of the user. More information on all of these issues is being currently prepared and will soon be available.

The current Globalstar handheld phone is the GSP-1700. Earlier models include the Globalstar Qualcomm SAT 550, Ericsson R290 and the GSP-1600. All of these earlier satphones have been discontinued by Globalstar, though still available on the second-hand market. Users must note that older phones might not work in some areas (Eastern Asian and Caribbean regions).

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